Product Flyer Template

Product Hunt Flyer

Turn heads with our bold product flyer templates.

You have a few cool products up for sale and using a well-designed flyer is the best way to spread the word. Not only is it visually appealing and easy to read, having a neatly organized product flyer helps establish trust. This product hunt flyer template has a simple, appealing layout that makes it easy to customize. First, add images of your products by uploading them. You can then use the image frame tool to keep the images consistent in size. To add your own shadow to each image, just use the lines and shapes tool to create a tiny elliptical, then reduce its opacity so it looks like a faint shadow. Now, what will draw people's attention is the header for your flyer. Words like “Exclusive” or “Limited Time Offer” are words that generate responses from your audience. Equally important is all your contact information and location. Make sure to include important details like phone numbers or emails, an address, hours of availability, a website and anything else that would be relevant. Finally, you want to include a call-to-action (don't forget your CTA!). Phrases like, “For More Deals Visit [...]” work great because they encourage people to visit your site and spend more time looking at your products. Just like that, you've got a professional-looking product hunt flyer ready to distribute. You can print it off, share it all over social media, send it as part of an email newsletter, it's entirely up to you. Let us know how your design experience went! Is there anything we can help you with? Then get in touch. We value the feedback of all our subscribers.