Open House Flyer Template

Open House Flyer

Drive attendance for your next open house with our professionally-designed open house flyer template.

With this open house flyer template, you'll design your own open house flyer in just a few clicks. All you need to do is add your own stock image as a focal point, add your own information and change the color palette. So is this flyer for a pre-kindergarten school? A high school? A home? Whatever it is, you can find a suitable image by going through our endless stock-photo library. Better still, if you have high-quality, professional photos of your own, upload them into the tool and drag them into place. This will help people understand what the flyer's about before they read a single word. Now, for the content. You want your message to be clear. While the template just says 'Open House', it's a placeholder for you to insert a real header. Use the name of your organization so people know who is running this open house event. Be sure to include the date and time as well. The flyer uses an autumn theme, which explains the color palette. You can keep it seasonal, you can use your organization's colors, or apply any number of color schemes that makes this flyer stand out. Just make sure that it doesn't clash, but contrasts with the copy of your flyer. You want your flyer to be readable. Then you want to add all the extra information that lets people learn more about the event, about you, and everything else you're involved in. Include your social media accounts, emails, phone numbers and websites for people to check out. Wasn't that easy? Let us know how your Venngage experience went. We're always eager to learn more about our users and how we can improve our products for them.